Tree Care & Removal

Tree work has been rated one of the most dangerous jobs in Canada, so our professional team’s training, experience, and equipment make all the difference to our clients’ peace of mind when hiring a tree service. As Certified Arborists, we make it our business to stay up to date with industry best practices, gear, and techniques, to provide the highest level of service.

We work year around with climbing and MEWP  (mobile elevated work platform). Those tight spaces next to your house, garage, pool, garden, etc. are no problem to access, and we also offer low-impact options where preservation of lawn or other landscape features is a concern.

Reasons to hire our professional tree service: Increase safety for you and your home, to reduce the likelihood of storm damage; assess stability, vitality, cracks, damage, rot, disease, and pests. Creating a long-term or multi-season plan to care for a large property or wooded lot; or to simply invest in and enjoy your landscape.

  • Natural tree pruning

  • Fruit tree/small orchard pruning and care

  • Brush chipping

  • Cabling and bracing to support weak branch attachments
  • Consultations for health, safety, and long-term care plans ($125 fee): Upgrade your free estimate to a paid consultation, for an in-depth inspection of your property from an ISA Certified Arborist. This is especially recommended for clients who have just purchased a home, have multiple projects to complete, or would like to learn more about the specific trees you have. You will receive information on the recommended safety, health, and aesthetic care for your trees and shrubs, as well as estimates for any immediate work or long-term investments you’d like to make in your property.
  • Commercial arboriculture services for development and property management. Inventory assessments and proposals according to local by-laws.

Plant Health Care

Trees provide shade, beauty, property value, and wildlife habitats–not to mention the oxygen we breathe. That’s why we prioritize efforts to care for your trees from roots to canopy, to ensure they not only survive but thrive, year after year. A small annual investment in your trees and shrubs can encourage growth and support overall vitality.

We stay up to date with the latest research on the diseases and pests affecting our local landscape. If you have a tree or shrub that is looking sick or in decline, we recommend a full evaluation of your landscape with an ISA Certified Arborist, to identify problems and determine the best course of action to keep your trees and shrubs healthy.

  • Deep root excavation and girdling root pruning
  • Mulch ring installation


Whether investing in landscaping services for your own enjoyment or to increase your property value for a home sale, we understand it’s more than a lawn: you’re creating and caring for an outdoor living space. Our professional team offers a variety of expertise in hardscaping, planting and design, restoration, and maintenance, to bring life outside the four walls of your house. Landscaping clients also benefit from the expertise of an ISA Certified Arborist overseeing their tree planting process, from specimen selection to location and installation. We’ll choose the right plant, for the right place.

Consider one of our annual landscaping packages to maintain your outdoor living space in every season:

  • Essentials Landscaping: Prune all shrubs and ornamental trees; weed all beds.

  • Welcome Home Landscaping: Prune all shrubs and ornamental trees; weed and mulch all beds; fertilize all shrubs and ornamental trees.

  • Peace of Mind Landscaping: Prune all shrubs and ornamental trees; weed and mulch all beds; apply organic weed spray; fertilize all shrubs and ornamental trees; spring and fall cleanups, will arrange for mowing services if desired.

Additional landscaping services:

  • Tree and shrub planting and transplanting

  • Mulching

  • Privacy screens, curb appeal, large and small-scale plant installations


Custom 2016 Isuzu arborist truck with a 12 yard capacity. Paired with a 2013 Bandit chipper our equipment allows for maneuverability in small spaces, yet maintains the ability to get work done. We also use state of the art lithium ion battery powered hand tools which are better for the environment and have less noise. 

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