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Before a sales call, please mark the trees in question with a ribbon, or whatever you have handy.
Our salespeople will not be knocking on your door, please do not go out of your house to greet them, simply be ready to use your phone to answer the sale’s persons questions from within your house.
If you are able, be prepared to use face time, google duo or similar feature to help the salesperson understand your tree care needs.
Please respond promptly to any work verification emails or calls if asked.
In general, you do not need to be present when the crew arrives.
If you are home when the crew arrives, please stay in your house. If the salesperson or crew leader has any questions, they will call you. Please be prepared to answer the phone if they do call.
If for any reason, you are outside or otherwise meet our crews in person, please practice social distancing by keeping 3-6 feet away.